Report from the 2016 ARC Industry Forum in Amsterdam – get the latest insights about IIoT, Smart Manufacturing, Digitization and Industry 4.0.

Industry in Transition: Smart, Safe, and Sustainable Manufacturing

March 2-3, 2016 – Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Industry and business leaders gathered at the European ARC Industry Forum in Amsterdam to share information and insights on industry trends such as Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Smart Manufacturing, Industry 4.0, Digitization, and the Connected Enterprise.

In Europe huge steps have been made in the last year, with customers in the process industry now connecting the dots within the asset lifecycle through areas of big data and more established analytics. As a result, strategies for handling Big Data to improve operational excellence across the entire asset lifecycle are emerging, together with proven business cases.

BlueCielo not only attended ARC EIF 2016, but also actively contributed in the discussions. Two BlueCielo customers, Kaneka and Huntsman, presented their views on the industry trends within the scope of Asset Lifecycle Information Management. These customers together with BlueCielo also participated as panel members in one of the workshops.

ARC Amsterdam diagram 1

Kaneka, Belgium

“Executing engineering projects at Kaneka Belgium with Asset Lifecycle Information Management”
By Bert van Baelen

Bert van Baelen explained the need for managing all asset-related technical information throughout the asset lifecycle within the highly regulated chemical industry. He then described how Kaneka maintains and optimizes their profitability through replacements and plant modification projects, for which data integrity is crucial.

Kaneka implemented BlueCielo Meridian integrated with SAP to ensure SHE compliance checks, drive deliverables and manage approval processes in change projects.

Bert van Baelen showed how this ensures asset data integrity as a basis for operational excellence and asset performance monitoring with use of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

ARC Amsterdam diagram 3


“Implementing Asset Management – challenges of a global rollout.”
By Edward van den Boogaard

Edward van den Boogard started by introducing Huntsman, an owner operator with over 100 manufacturing sites in more than 30 countries. He then explained how mergers and acquisitions had led IT requirements for a global asset information management system – and the challenges they had faced in rolling out this system.

Different requirements from corporate management and from the users challenged both the business units and IT to minimize risk, minimize costs and maximize efficiency in a standardized solution.

As a result, the implementation of BlueCielo Meridian software meets the different needs of each Huntsman site – but they all benefit from working in the same system.

ARC Amsterdam diagram 2

ARC Workshop

“Asset Lifecycle Management and Connected Smart Machines.”
Panelist Edwin van Dijk, BlueCielo

This workshop focused on the enabling factors and common barriers to success that companies are facing during the Fourth Industrial Revolution, or Industry 4.0.

During the workshop various views on asset lifecycle management were discussed in relation to making the equipment smarter, and the challenges to maintaining connected assets in terms of performance monitoring and reliability improvement.

The audience was in agreement that, together with common standards, one of the most critical requirements for quick, safe and effective execution of the work was a single interoperable system to manage information throughout the asset lifecycle.

“Standardization is a key factor for the implementation of an ALIM system and must include validations during data input to maintain data integrity.”
Bert van Baelen, Kaneka
“No two sites are the same. Multidisciplinary teamwork is essential to accept a difference in maturity levels within the same information management system.”
Edward van den Boogard, Huntsman

Concluding thoughts

Today, most industries only consider the impact of IIoT in terms of the effect this can have on asset performance monitoring and the Big Data this generates – but this is only one part of the picture. A successful transition to a connected plant requires an Asset & Project Portfolio Management strategy to manage the entire transition. It also requires that accurate engineering information is always available and at all times reflect the actual situation on site.


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