The ARC Advisory Group has recently endorsed the BlueCielo Value Assessment as an aid to making a business case for software expansion or roll-out.

BlueCielo’s new service to quantify the true financial impact of an Asset Lifecycle Information Management solution has been endorsed by the leading analyst ARC Advisory Group.

The BlueCielo Value Assessment was created to help existing customers to build their business case for expanding the use of BlueCielo Meridian. The service delivers absolute return on investment (ROI) figures based on a clear measure of improved business processes.

The service leverages BlueCielo’s extensive experience to provide a dependable, industry-specific result. The value added at all levels by the current BlueCielo Meridian implementation is assessed and quantified. In addition, the potential gain of expanding the solution or rolling it out to additional sites is further calculated.

“Services like BlueCielo’s Value Assessment can be seen as a helpful tool to translate desired functionalities into monetary values.”

– Valentijn de Leeuw, ARC Advisory Group

ARC Advisory Group particularly praised the BlueCielo Value Assessment for the robustness and repeatability of the structure. The service uses realistic calculations to measure value gained by customers, avoids bias and is sufficiently flexible to provide client-specific results.

Valentijn de Leeuw, Vice President at ARC Advisory Group, commends services like the BlueCielo Value Assessment for the objectivity they can bring to investment decisions. Such a service delivers the reassurance needed in uncertain economic climates when considering software expansions.


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