Valentijn de Leeuw of the ARC Advisory Group delivered a key note address at Synergy 2015 on the topic of ALIM and why this is an essential part of your information management strategy.

Asset Lifecycle Information Management (ALIM)

ALIM is an information management model which encompasses Project Performance Management (PPM), Asset Performance Management (APM) and Asset & Project Portfolio Management (APPM) in a single comprehensive approach.

Asset Lifecycle Information Management (ALIM)An ALIM strategy has become an essential consideration for all who operate in today’s dynamic markets. ALIM provides the key to remaining competitive through the provision of complete, comprehensive and granular data through a unified approach to managing information.

Valentijn de Leeuw’s presentation took the concept of ALIM further by applying it to real world challenges facing major industries, including low commodity prices; the impact of modular equipment, lines and production units; industry fragmentation and conglomeration, and the increasing pressure for enhanced efficiency.

Mr de Leeuw also examined how ALIM can work in combination with trends such as Cloud technologies, mobility and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) to provide a competitive advantage and the metrics needed to measure it.

Benefits of Asset Lifecycle Information Management

Some of the many benefits of ALIM include:

  • Enhanced decision-making based on accurate asset data
  • Support for aging infrastructure (increased asset longevity)
  • Reduced unplanned downtime through efficient maintenance
  • Reduced information management costs (impact on CAPEX)
  • Reduced project delivery time with the same quality
  • Improved data handover process (efficiency and data quality)
  • Compliance with regulations such as ISO 55000, ISO 15926, ISO 9000, FDA and GxP


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