ACHEMA, held every three years in Germany, is the world’s largest and most important event for the process industries.

At ACHEMA 2015 3800 exhibitors, experts and attendees came together to share their knowledge and insights on key industry topics, including Asset Lifecycle Information Management, or ALIM.

Automation in dialogue

ACHEMA encourages open debate about common industry challenges and sharing information that can drive profitability. One of the 2015 topics focused on some of the challenges of managing information for asset performance and how this can reduce operations and maintenance costs.

Panelists for this debate included:

  • Milo Scheeren, Chief Product Officer of BlueCielo
  • Peter Spelberg-Jahn, Product Manager for Siemens
  • Mike Brooks, CEO of Mtell
  • Yosuke Ishii, Project Manager Mobile Solutions at Yokogawa

Translating information into performance

Asset Lifecycle Information Management strategies place great importance on the value of data that is created, exchanged and utilized during the entire asset lifecycle. Within this long-term view, information must be managed in all stages: from planning and procurement through construction, operation and maintenance all the way to decommissioning.

Not only is this (engineering) information complex in nature, it may have a large volume, originate from varied sources and be subject to multiple – sometimes simultaneous – change.

The panelists were able to highlight some of the most essential considerations for how to improve information management throughout the asset lifecycle in order to maximize asset performance.

Milo Scheeren highlighted the risk of low data quality resulting in maintenance inefficiencies. These may include non-compliance with regulations or safety risks, due to wrong decisions based on incomplete or incorrect data. While improving data integrity may be difficult, the benefits are also clear: 2 to 5 per cent savings in maintenance.

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  • How to save 2-5 per cent of your maintenance budget
  • How to decide which data needs to be structured
  • How to reduce downtime
  • How the Internet of Things and modularization unlock new opportunities

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