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Microsoft SharePoint is used for various reasons, like providing corporate documentation and procedures to the enterprise or as a portal for projects.
Non-engineers and external staff, such as contractors and staff from subsidiaries use MS SharePoint to search and retrieve content. In case of engineering content, the management is often done in a specialized Engineering Data Management system like BlueCielo Meridian Enterprise.

In case the content is managed in MS SharePoint or in another content management system, it may still be necessary to provide the content within a MS SharePoint site, often in rendered format to protect the files from misuse. In case of engineering content the requirements can be high and rendition becomes more difficult. BlueCielo Publisher for MS SharePoint enables rendering of many file formats to neutral PDF, including high quality CAD files and publishing meta-data along to the destination system.

Key Capabilities

MS SharePoint as Source and Target
BlueCielo Publisher supports publishing to and from MS SharePoint sites and rendering the files during the process. In this way, for example, an MS SharePoint site can be used for the creation or updating of files, such as standard operating procedures or safety guidelines, and the approved documents can be made available to the entire organization. The destination site can even be a site in the cloud in the event that MS SharePoint-Online is used.

Rendering (Engineering) Content
Within the configured publish jobs, the content can be rendered, as is explained on the BC [P] Key Capabilities page, including the use of native applications to get the highest possible result of the renditions. After rendering the files the PDF’s can be enhanced with electronic signatures or print stamps - for more information see the BC [P] eSignature page.

Publish from MS SharePoint
MS SharePoint can be used as a collaboration portal in projects. The documents and meta-data is uploaded to the provided MS SharePoint site, but further processing of the files must take place in another content management system. In that case, the publish job can be configured to publish the content to another destination system, for instance BlueCielo Meridian Enterprise or another system. When working in MS SharePoint, a set of documents can be selected and publishing can be initiated manually. Another way of initiating the publishing job is by configuring the MS SharePoint workflow.

Publish to MS SharePoint
Engineering content is typically managed in specialized Engineering Data Management systems like BlueCielo Meridian Enterprise. This data can be made available to various non-engineering users, who are only using the files and are not anticipated or allowed to make changes to the content. In that case, BlueCielo Publisher can be used to send the content to MS SharePoint (even multiple MS SharePoint document libraries, depending on properties in the source system). Property mapping ensures that the MS SharePoint users can search the content by the meta-data. Every time a new version of the content is available in the source system, an updated version will be sent to MS SharePoint.

Extended Publish Scenarios
BlueCielo Publisher allows combining multiple content management systems for sending data from one system to the other. Even the File System and FTP sites can be used as source or target system. Files dropped in a network directory trigger the publish job (by use of a scheduled task) and send the files (native or rendered) over to the target system, such as MS SharePoint, BlueCielo Meridian Enterprise or other supported systems.


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