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BlueCielo Meridian Enterprise is a versatile Engineering Content Management solution which allows companies in multiple (regulated) industries to optimize their business processes related to the creation, collaboration and distribution of engineering data. Distribution of the engineering data often requires a generic non-editable format like PDF, which secures your intellectual property and can be used by non-engineers within their business processes.

The BlueCielo Publisher automates the creation of the renditions and publication to the same or to other systems, increasing efficiency, reducing costs and ensuring compliance to internal and external regulations.

Key Capabilities

Renditions for Regulatory Compliance
BlueCielo Meridian Enterprise provides rendition support for all engineering data, including files with XRef’s, Hybrids and Assemblies. With BlueCielo Publisher, the native files can be rendered to PDF and stored as a second file to the same document. In this case the BlueCielo Meridian vault is both the source and the target system in the configured publish job. After rendering, the PDF’s can for example be enhanced with watermarks, electronic signatures or print stamps, while the previous revision will get a new watermark to indicate it is superseded.

Publish from BlueCielo Meridian Enterprise
When working in BlueCielo Meridian, a set of documents can be selected and publishing can be initiated manually. Another way of initiating the publishing job is through configuring the workflow. Depending on the specific situations, processes and meta-data a publish job can be triggered to render the files and publish to the system of choice. All files can be collected for automatic generation of the publish jobs at scheduled times, or the job can be initiated immediately, depending on the requirements within your business processes.

High Quality Renditions for CAD Files
Within 2D CAD files the line styles, -colors and -thicknesses have specific meaning. These, as well as the drawing scale, are essential to assure accurate and clear drawing information during construction and commissioning projects. This same quality is required within the PDF rendition, but this can only be achieved by use of the application in which the drawing was created. Instead of needing a manual process, the BlueCielo Publisher allows use of the native application at the Publisher server to automate the rendition process.

Publish to BlueCielo Meridian Enterprise
The BlueCielo Publisher can be configured to publish content from other systems into BlueCielo Meridian, like MS SharePoint, the File System and FTP sites. Files dropped or updated trigger the publish job (by use of a scheduled task) and send the files (native or rendered) over to BlueCielo Meridian.


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