Publisher Key Capabilities

Many users in the organization may need engineering data for their daily business processes within the system in which they are working. The BlueCielo Publisher provides all the necessary capabilities to ensure that the latest version of documents are available to all required stakeholders within and outside the organization and metadata is available in the content management systems in which the users work.

Publish Content
For publishing engineering data, an event is required to trigger the publishing job. The event can be a manual user action or a workflow transition. In the source system, the workflow must be configured to initiate the publishing. The Publish jobs are executed through the Publisher application server and can be executed immediately or at scheduled times. All publishing jobs and files handled by the BlueCielo Publisher are logged (either in an MS SQL Server or Oracle database) and, if necessary, notifications are sent to the appropriate persons.

Source & Target Systems
At creation of publish jobs both the source and the target content management system can be selected in any combination. Source and target system can also be the same, allowing publishing rendered content to the source system next to the native files. Various BlueCielo systems as well as third-party content management systems are supported, including BlueCielo Meridian Enterprise, BlueCielo Kronodoc, Microsoft File System, Microsoft SharePoint and some ECM platforms.

Render Engineering Data
Rendering content to another file format, like PDF or Tiff is optional. Native content can be published to another content management system or if required to print/plot devices. The BlueCielo Publisher provides out-of-the-box generic rendering capabilities, supporting an extensive list of file formats, including many Office, Raster, 2D- and 3D CAD formats.

High Quality Renditions
Although the generic rendering capabilities include CAD formats, a high quality rendition can only be achieved by use of the native application. For optimal rendering quality the native application can be installed at the Publisher Application Server, keeping the benefit of scheduled rendering jobs. Besides CAD formats like AutoCAD, Autodesk Inventor and MicroStation, MS Office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio) can be used as native application within the rendering process too.

Publish Metadata
When publishing files to another content management system, the properties of the file from the source system can be sent over too. The BlueCielo Publisher provides automatic property mapping features, to quickly configure which metadata needs to be send over and in case the properties in the target system are called different a correct mapping is possible.

Post Rendition
After rendering it might be required to combine or enhance the generated PDF’s. Multiple PDF’s can be merged into one single multipage file including optionally a (approval) signature page. PDF’s can be enhanced by addition of a watermark, electronic signature or a dynamic print stamp.

Remote Publish Job Management
From anywhere in the world the publish jobs can be configured, optimized and managed. In case of interrupted publish or render activities, the BC Publisher will send an email to the application manager who can take action remotely. All jobs are logged (either in an MS SQL Server or Oracle database) allowing reporting and progress control.

With the support of renditions in BC Meridian Enterprise 2012 and multiple platforms being supported, the workload of BC Publisher increases. The workload can be spread over multiple BC Publisher application servers. This requires a primary server that will maintain the publishing queue and distribute the publishing jobs to the other application servers (secondary servers).


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