Publisher High Quality Rendering in Native Applications

High quality rendering of CAD files is essential to assure accurate and clear drawing information during construction projects. This can only be achieved by use of the application in which the drawing was created. Instead of needing a manual process, the BlueCielo Publisher allows use of the native application at the Publisher server to automate the rendition process.

The standard BlueCielo Publisher software enables generic document conversion (by use of AutoVue). The solution can be extended to also convert 3D CAD files to other file formats like PDF, TIFF and others, creating for example a PDF of a 3D assembly. But for CAD files, the generic rendition does not always provide the quality required. Below is an overview of the native applications supported by the BlueCielo Publisher.

Autodesk AutoCAD
AutoCAD drawings come in a wide variety of paper sizes, orientations and plotter settings for line styles and thicknesses, all of which have specific meanings in the drawing. To ensure the PDF rendition matches the original file, BlueCielo Publisher can make use of AutoCAD at the Publisher server. The BC [P] supports Xrefs and Hybrid files in generating the PDF. When using AutoCAD as the application in the Publish job configuration, various specific AutoCAD options can be set such as: 

  • Layouts to be rendered
  • Layers in rendered format
  • Reference files and/or Hybrids to be included
  • Paper size to be used or converted
  • Company specific pen settings to be used
  • AutoLisp routines to be applied within the rendition process.

Using AutoLisp routines offers great possibilities when used with BlueCielo Publisher. For example, a routine can be used for rendering to the Navisworks format NWD. The routine can be selected in the configuration of the BC Publisher. After rendition to the NWD format, the 3D Navisworks rendition can be stored in the BC Meridian Enterprise vault.

Bentley MicroStation
In addition to AutoCAD, Bentley MicroStation is also supported by BC [P]. As standard, this application does not give as many options to be accessed from outside applications such as AutoCAD; the flexibility is provided by the use of MicroStation macros. This allows control over the output with respect to:

  • Color, monochrome, or grayscale output
  • Current viewport, all viewports, or selected viewport
  • Reference files
  • Line weights
  • Text as text entities (not line entities)
  • Layers in rendered content

MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio)
When adding MS Office applications at the Publisher server, MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint and MS Visio can be used to render their specific file formats to PDF or PDF/A (depending on the application). For each application, specific features of the native application can be controlled to generate the PDF rendition, including the pages, worksheets or slides to be included in the PDF, creation of bookmarks and skipping macro’s if necessary.

Autodesk Inventor
2D as well as 3D Inventor files can be rendered to PDF by use of Autodesk Inventor as native application on the Publish Server. Within the configuration of the publish job, the original files can be converted to other file formats. This allows for example to render a 3D assembly to a PDF.


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