Publisher eSignatures on Rendition

If, for regulatory reasons, the rendered files need to be watermarked or electronically signed, post-rendition options can be configured in BlueCielo Publisher. This is specifically necessary within FDA-regulated environments.
For regulatory reasons, for example to comply with FDA 21 CFR chapter 11 regulations, Adobe PDF renditions require post-processing to identify, authenticate, and authorize the rendition.

Electronic Signature
The electronic signature is a text string that can be placed on a pre-configured location at the drawing. The text can be static, a specific property value from the source system or a combination of properties. Various settings are configurable to position the electronic signature on the rendition.

Watermark Overlay
A watermark can be overlaid on Adobe PDF renditions. The watermark can be static text or based on a specific property value from the source system. Watermarks can be conditionally applied based on the value of a property. Various settings are configurable to position the watermark on the PDF.

Dynamic Print Stamp
Another option is to add the specific details of a rendition, called a print stamp. This allows adding text to the rendition like "Document printed on: 05/05/2011 1:45 PM. Print valid for one day only".

Signature Pages
A separate signature page can be required for Adobe PDF renditions. The signature page manifests all of the approvals in the workflow process applicable to the document. The post-processing feature supports multiple signature page templates. Each template has its own settings and can be applied conditionally depending on a property value of the source document.

Prior Revisions
Once a new revision is available and is rendered to Adobe PDF, not only the active revision may require a watermark or electronic signature, but also the prior revision. The prior revision can be watermarked with configurable text, including: location, rotation, font, color and size.


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