Benefits of BlueCielo Meridian Enterprise

BlueCielo Meridian Enterprise is a scalable solution, enabling you to grow your Engineering Data Management environment with changing needs of your organization. Its flexibility, configurability robustness and open platform architecture enhance the operational efficiency of your business.

Below are some of the benefits BlueCielo Meridian Enterprise can offer.
Which benefits will apply to your organization depends on the configuration of the system.

Improve efficiency

  • Always be sure you are working with the latest released versions of engineering data
  • Standardization in data entry for reduced errors and mistakes
  • Optimized engineering content review and approval cycles
  • On time engineering content delivery
  • Powerful integration capabilities with 3rd party business system

Reduce costs

  • Reduce search time and costs to retrieve accurate engineering content
  • Decreased printing and distribution costs
  • Reduce asset maintenance and operation costs
  • Reduce costs in sharing engineering data across departments, divisions and organizations

Enhance Quality

  • Improved good engineering and manufacturing practices
  • Separated released data from work-in-progress engineering content
  • Secure environment with full access control ensuring quality of data and business processes
  • Increase data consistency through automated processes and controlled data entry

Regulatory compliance

  • Extensive history log and audit trail for full proof of control
  • Comply with internal and external regulations
  • Protect intellectual property  

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