BlueCielo Synergy Program

A Successful Global Network of Select Partners

The BlueCielo Synergy Program provides a mutually beneficial relationship between BlueCielo ECM Solutions and our global network of carefully selected partners who work with us to sell, implement and support BlueCielo’s world-class engineering content management solutions.


BlueCielo enables its partners through continued support, sales and technical education, and project involvement.


BlueCielo provides marketing support through branding, awareness, marketing and lead generation programs.


BlueCielo equips partners with the knowledge, sales, tools, value propositions and strategy to effectively sell our solutions, resulting in self-sufficiency.

The BlueCielo Synergy Program is based on three pillars – Enable, Market and Sell, with support offered to our partners in each area to maximize the strengths and mutual success of both companies. The BlueCielo Synergy Program is updated regularly. Partners can obtain the most current version of the BlueCielo Synergy Program guide from our online partner portal at  any time.

BlueCielo Synergy Program Categories
The BlueCielo Synergy Program is divided into three partnership categories:

  • BlueCielo Solution Partner Program BlueCielo Solution Partners have a dedicated and strategic business focus on BlueCielo ECM Solutions and our products, and are authorized to carry out the sale, implementation and technical support of our solutions.
  • BlueCielo Business Partner Program BlueCielo Business Partners may sell, implement and possibly support BlueCielo solutions, but do not need to have a strategic business focus on BlueCielo ECM Solutions or our products.
  • BlueCielo Referral Partner Program BlueCielo Referral Partners may refer customers to BlueCielo ECM Solutions and be trained in BlueCielo Meridian Enterprise. This program provides partners with the tools to sell these products and ensures that partners are rewarded for the business brought to BlueCielo.

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