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Engineering content is in continuous change. Drawings, data, technical asset information, related files and other documents are created, updated, reviewed, released, revised and archived. At certain points in their lifecycle, engineering documents must be handed over to other departments within the organization or to stakeholders outside the organization. In many companies this is a cumbersome, manual or unstructured process.

The BlueCielo Publisher offers the capability to render documents from various source content management systems and publish them into the same or another destination system. In the destination system, metadata can be published along with the (optionally rendered) file. If the properties in the destination system have different names, the properties can be mapped with to the property names of the source system.

Key Capabilities

  • Publish Engineering Content
  • Select Source & Target Systems
  • Render Engineering Data to 200 formats
  • High Quality Renditions
  • Post Rendition Options
  • Remote Publish Job Management

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Key Benefits

  • Provide content through system of choice
  • Comply with internal and external regulations
  • Automated information exchange processes
  • Rendition fully integrated into business processes
  • Full proof of control that data is delivered
  • Protect intellectual property
  • Reduced license cost of expensive authoring software


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