BlueCielo Project Portal (Kronodoc)

BlueCielo Project Portal is a 100% web-based document control solution for complex industrial projects with very large supplier networks.
Documents drive industrial projects. BlueCielo Project Portal drives documents.

BlueCielo Project Portal helps companies to execute industrial asset projects in an external network of suppliers, contractors, authorities and customers. From standard operational change projects to massive capital new build projects, BlueCielo Project Portal contributes to lowering project costs and improving data quality. The more complex the installation and the more information and suppliers involved, the more relevant the use case is for BlueCielo Project Portal.

Key Capabilities

Project Collaboration
The Project Portal is a secure document repository that provides a single point of truth for project information. As a Cloud-based solution, it is easily deployed to even the most complex supplier networks.

Regulatory Compliance
The repository provides robust access control, version management and audit trail capabilities to ensure compliance with regulations.

Transmittal Management
Document controllers can easily prepare, send and track document packages for transmittal to external project members. The packages are retrieved by recipients from the Project Portal, which provides a full audit trail of activities performed and full security of content being transmitted.

Delivery of Document Packages by Contractors
System suppliers and EPC contractors can easily submit document packages to the project repository through bulk imports, where they are validated and verified before the master project structures are updated. Copying documents from the delivery area to the master project structure is a single, seamless operation that automatically creates new documents into the structure or updates existing document versions of the documents submitted.

Document Delivery Status Follow-up
Schedule and status information can be added to the document information based on project reporting needs, exported to an excel spreadsheet and later used to update the status information back to the document repository. Automatic notification messages can be set to be sent for documents that are pending or late.

The Project Portal provides high security at many levels, including encrypted communication protocols, and authentication at user and document level. Information is provided in a DMZ (DeMilitarized Zone) network, so that external participants do not require access to internal data and workflows.

Deployment Options
The BlueCielo Project Portal is available as a Cloud solution from our hosting center, but can also be deployed on premises. For integration with BlueCielo Meridian Enterprise, please contact us.

Business Benefits

  • Drastic reduction of time spent on information management and supplier communication by automating key document flows in your supplier network
  • Full proof of control and traceability of master documents
  • Elimination of lead-times imposed by offline or paper-based supplier communication processes
  • Speedy problem resolution and clarification of suppliers’ responsibilities with full audit trail
  • Lowered IT overhead costs – Deployment as Private Cloud on-premises or Hosted web based solution

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