BlueCielo Products Overview

BlueCielo has a range of products to meet your Engineering Content Management (ECM) and Asset Information Management (AIM) needs.

Our solutions add value to your current system through sophisticated integration, solid training of your staff and a dedicated maintenance and support program.

BlueCielo Meridian Enterprise

BlueCielo Meridian Enterprise provides industry-specific ECM solutions for companies looking to optimize the management of their production assets, including plants, production facilities and infrastructure.

BlueCielo Meridian Enterprise - Modules Overview

Additional functionalities can be added to BlueCielo Meridian Enterprise to extend it into an AIM or ECM solution that meets specific industry requirements. The module overview describes the additional modules' functionalities and gives access to in-depth information about application areas.

BlueCielo Publisher

BlueCielo Publisher automates the rendering and publishing of engineering content in various formats from various content management systems. Additional modules offer extended functionalities like high quality rendering through native applications and adding eSignatures and watermarks on the PDF after rendition.

BlueCielo Project Portal

BlueCielo Project Portal is a 100% web-based document control solution for complex industrial projects with large supplier networks. Documents drive industrial projects. BlueCielo Project Portal drives the documents.


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