BlueCielo Partner Training

BlueCielo ECM Solutions offers a comprehensive portfolio of training programs and workshops to our Partners.

Below you will find a listing of available BlueCielo training and workshop offerings. On request, we will gladly supply our full Partner Training and Authorization Guidelines containing all details.

BlueCielo Administrator Training

This four-day training course provides the in-depth, technical knowledge and skills required to use, configure, implement, administer and maintain successful installations of BlueCielo solutions. For BlueCielo Meridian Enterprise partners, the BlueCielo Developer Training can be followed after the BlueCielo Administrator Training to complete full authorization.


Day 1

  • Architecture and requirements
  • Installation and licensing
  • System setup and finetuning
  • Vault setup and finetuning
  • Troubleshooting

Day 2

  • Data storage and user interface
  • Document organization and presentation

Day 3

  • Document WorkFlows
  • Document Renditions
  • Subscriptions and Notifications
  • Custom Commands

Day 4

  • Application Integrations
  • Data Exchange and Imports
  • Reporting
  • Security and Accessibility

If time allows:

  • 3D CAD Integration
  • VBScript Overview

2014 Administrator Training Schedule

For more information, including prerequisites and registration fees, please click on the 'Register Now' button below the training of your choice.

EMEA & Asia Pacific
BlueCielo Global Headquarters
Rijswijk, The Netherlands
North America
BlueCielo North American Headquarters
Exton, PA USA
    25-28 March 2014        May 6-9, 2014
      20-23 May 2014       July 22-25, 2014
     24-27 June 2014  September 23-26, 2014
 23-26 September 2014   November 11-14, 2014
   28-31 October 2014  
 25- 28 November 2014  

BlueCielo Sales Training

The BlueCielo Sales Training provides sales professionals with all the necessary knowledge, background, insights and tools to cover the entire sales process necessary to successfully sell BlueCielo solutions. All sales stages from the initial cold-call to the closing of the deal will be taught by experienced BlueCielo staff with extensive experience at the different stages of the sales process. Both inside and outside sales professionals will benefit from this training. Since BlueCielo solutions can potentially include all modules, all modules are included in the training.


Day 1:

  • BlueCielo, the company
  • Vision and strategy
  • BlueCielo from the corporate point of view
  • Market and industries in which BlueCielo operates
  • Product Overview
  • Target audiences and unique selling points

Day 2:

  • Recap of day 1
  • 7 Stage sales process
  • Ideal customer profiles and sales pitches
  • What is a qualified lead and how to hand one over from inside sales to outside sales
  • Tracking your prospects in the BlueCielo CRM system
  • Cold call ride-a-long and call your own suspect/prospect
  • Evaluation and feedback

Lunch during both days and dinner on day 1 are included.

Start on Day 1 will be at 10:00 and the training will end on Day 2 at 16:00.

Target Audience

Each sales or pre-sales professional working for an authorized BlueCielo partner and full- or part-time involved with selling BlueCielo's solutions.


€500 per person.


The training is conducted at the BlueCielo headquarters, Handelskade 49, 2288 BA  Rijswijk, the Netherlands. On request the training could also be delivered on site in which case all lodging and travel costs will be invoiced. Depending on the location, travel time will also be charged.

Travel and Lodging

Travel and lodging are not included. Each attendee is supposed to take care of their own arrangements.

  • BlueCielo recommends the Grand Winston hotel in Rijswijk.
  • Travel to Rijswijk train station and back to Amsterdam Schiphol Airport is done most efficiently by train.
  • Both the Grand Winston hotel and BlueCielo are within walking distance from Rijswijk train station.


Please contact the BlueCielo EMEA/APAC sales team at +31 70 413 37 00 for the next available date.


Partner Authorization

Full Partner Authorization requires that each Partner's sales team complete Sales Update Training and their technical team complete Technical Update Training. This is the preferred way to get new or additional employees up to speed in the fastest possible way. Partner Authorization is conducted by instructors on a regular basis at various locations worldwide.

Sales Update Training
The Sales Update Training is available as a one-day classroom session in Rijswijk and as a series of live webcasts, covering the value propositions of each product or module, how to successfully sell BlueCielo products and where to implement BlueCielo products. BlueCielo is now offering the Sales Training in the form of live webcasts, allowing partners to attend from anywhere in the world. All BlueCielo Partners involved in software sales should attend.

BlueCielo Developer Training
This optional three-day training course provides insight into the details of the BlueCielo Meridian Enterprise API and how to use Visual Basic to unleash the full power of BlueCielo Meridian Enterprise extensions. Customizations and integrations with ERP or financial systems are also covered. The prerequisite for this training is previous completion of the BlueCielo Administrator Training.

Technical Update Training
This essential two-day training session will provide BlueCielo Partners with a technical overview of the brand new functionality in the BlueCielo suite of products. The Technical Update Training is a vital part of BlueCielo's Partner Authorization Program. It is mandatory for all partners who wish to extend their authorization for the sale and implementation of BlueCielo products.

Partners will learn how to apply new functionality in BlueCielo Meridian Enterprise, BlueCielo Advanced Project Workflow, BlueCielo Global Collaboration Framework, BlueCielo Asset Management Module, BlueCielo Publisher and BlueCielo Explorer, and how to implement these products.

Besides classroom sessions, we can also arrange training specifically for the employees of your organization, either in our offices or yours.


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