BlueCielo Meridian Global Collaboration Framework

Plant optimizations and greenfield projects are becoming more and more complex, while highly skilled resources are scarce. On the other hand, engineering projects involve large CAD files and assemblies, requiring high band width and low latency for engineers to work efficiently.

Global collaboration in teamsThe BlueCielo Meridian Global Collaboration Framework enables companies with multiple engineering teams in different locations to act as one global project team.

Through the creation of a virtual project team, organizations can benefit from the local network speed within centrally coordinated project and document workflow processes. Each team member works with the latest version of the design data, while ownership allows revision of the data.

This results in higher quality engineering work, shorter project lead times, improved reliability and better protection of intellectual property.

Key Capabilities


The BlueCielo Meridian Global Collaboration Framework provides significant benefits to global organizations that need to exchange engineering content across dispersed teams:

  • LAN speed within global environment
  • Full control over data changes during collaboration
  • Automated engineering content exchange
  • Tap into global reservoir of expertise
  • Shorter project lead times
  • Improved reliability
  • Less engineering re-work


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